Local Independent Artist Music Video Campaign

What We Need To Start



Simply we need the starting funds that will allows us to produce music videos for independent artists.

The funds will be used, To Hire Crew, Video Pre Production & Post production,

To Broadcast Our Music Videos, Organize Concerts, Selling DVDs

The funds will allow us to continue producing music videos professionally for independent artist. We simple aim to be the home of every Independent Artist that needs to move on to its next step of his/her professional career.



What Will You Get

By helping us, you become GRASSROOT COLLABORATOR with numerous of Local Independent Artists around the world, motivating and empowering them to achieve success.


But that's not all, for helping us you get one of our limited time offers starting from

Both Sides Wins

  • The Musician Simply Delivers Us The Recorded Audio File 

  • We Set The Creative Concept For The Video

  • Select The Professional Crew

  • Shot The Music Video

  • Publish It Online

  • Gets Thousands Of New Fans.

  • Local Artist No Up Front Cost or Fees.

  • Licensing The Rights Of The Videos & Sales Pays Us.

Musicians All Have Something In Common: The need to produced a successful music video for themselves but does not have enough fund for producing their own music videos.

Da Chief Creative Officer presents "Local Independent Artist Music Video campaign " sponsored by REAL STREET MUSIC

Who We Are

Directors, Producers, Writers, Graphic Designers, Art Directors, Web Designers, Editors, Artist, and Collaborators Producing Highly Artistic Music Videos


My Name Is "Will Mangum" I Work As A Creative Consultant. Currently I'm Working With REAL STREET MUSIC "DJ LUOS" Disc Jockey to Produce Music Videos for Independent Artist. We found that most of these Independent Artist don't have the Funds To Produce these Videos.

Getting your name on one of our videos that will be world wide online

Get A Signed Poster From Our Artists + Getting Your Name As Assistant Producer

Get Our Exclusive DVD That Will Include Videos And The Exclusive Behind The Scene and Making Of  + Your Name As Executive Producer + A Poster Signed From Our Artists

Imagine A Graphic Video Made Specially For You Created By Professionals + Getting Your Name As Executive Producer + Our DVD Set + Exclusive T-shirt +Poster Signed From Our Artists

The Impact

This Project Is Just The Start Of Many Creative Projects. Helping us get the funds will be only our first start. Producing music video for Hot Independent Artist is a very huge and great thing that’s going to make a massive impact on the Creative Industry.  It allows us to produce videos without charging the artist, up front fees and cost.

We Will Be The Home For Every Hot Independent Artist


Risks & Challenges

Developing talent to produce the most amazing music videos. Putting all of our effort and experience to make it happen if we don’t manage to get the funds this will delay our start until we find another source.


Other Ways You Can Help

Like and share our Facebook page, talk about it on Twitter, write about it in your blog, sending the campaign link to every one.




Thank you for supporting your Local Independent Artist to create artistic music videos.